Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Wreath!!

Ok, well I am officially addicted to pinterest! If you've never tried it, go ahead, just get someone to invite you! Anyway, down to business, the reason I mentioned pinterest is that's where I got this idea for a fabric wreath.  I got a wire form with 3 layers at jo-anns and cut fabric in about 1" strips and about 6" long, you don't have to be perfect, yaaah!! I chose a natural muslin torqouise toole and a bright lime green toole, is that how you spell toole? I just tied and tied and tied and tied till it was complete,hot glued the balls on I had some natural ribbon and wahlah!!! It's a different look for Christmas, all bright and cheerful!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcoming Entrance!

Hi everyone! Hope your Christmas Holidays are going great!! I wanted to talk to everyone about a welcoming entrance! I wanted to share mine with you today! The wall with the assorted items were carefully selected! The tin picture frames were gifts from my best friend and they have pictures of my mother and children in black and white! The shoe forms, although funky, I love and put eye hook screws in the back so I could display them proudly on my wall (I got those at a garage sale- yah!) A key holder because everyone in the family looses keys. and my mothers purse. Notice the trim on top of the breadboard is the same finish I did on my fireplace in an earlier blog, my fireplace re-do! Also, the basket I love, that gets refilled with greenery, whatever Holiday it is! Enjoy!

Urban Drapery Panels

Hi out there! Today, we will learn about drapery panels done with painters cloth! Go to your local Lowes and pick up a painters cloth, which is about $14.00. I usually get the one that is 4ft wide by 15'ft. long.
I cut the 15' in half and sew a simple seam on both parts. Then go to JoAnn's or any craft supply place (take a coupon) and get large grommets, they come in a variety of colors and sizes, but I like the large ones. they come in a pack of 8, for two panels you will need two packages. I then take the grommet template out and start at the very top of the panels, set each grommet template at each end then fold in half and make a template mark in the middle and then evenly between each end and middle grommet. Cut the circles out of your fabric and insert grommets! Walah! You've just made yourself urban drapery panels. if you have more than one window, repeat!
I love these so much that I even used one as a shower curtain! these are great inexpensive drapery panels!

Fireplace Re-Do

My fireplace was white for about 12 years! I wanted a warm and worn finish so as I always do, I painted it. I started off with a charcoal acrylic paint and then dry brushed some acrylic paints to give the worn finish, the acrylic paints I used were marigold gouchi, burnt umber and slate grey. I dry brushed and rubbed with a soft cloth just so the paints melded together to give a rather Hemmingway look!!
Enjoy! Now as I look at my pictures I realize I need to do the trim around the windows as well! Oh well, time to get the old paintbrush out again!  In another blog I'll tell you how to take painters cloth and make urban window treatments, like the ones in the photo! Really inexpensive and easy, even a caveman could do it!