Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcoming Entrance!

Hi everyone! Hope your Christmas Holidays are going great!! I wanted to talk to everyone about a welcoming entrance! I wanted to share mine with you today! The wall with the assorted items were carefully selected! The tin picture frames were gifts from my best friend and they have pictures of my mother and children in black and white! The shoe forms, although funky, I love and put eye hook screws in the back so I could display them proudly on my wall (I got those at a garage sale- yah!) A key holder because everyone in the family looses keys. and my mothers purse. Notice the trim on top of the breadboard is the same finish I did on my fireplace in an earlier blog, my fireplace re-do! Also, the basket I love, that gets refilled with greenery, whatever Holiday it is! Enjoy!

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