Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Drapery Panels

Hi out there! Today, we will learn about drapery panels done with painters cloth! Go to your local Lowes and pick up a painters cloth, which is about $14.00. I usually get the one that is 4ft wide by 15'ft. long.
I cut the 15' in half and sew a simple seam on both parts. Then go to JoAnn's or any craft supply place (take a coupon) and get large grommets, they come in a variety of colors and sizes, but I like the large ones. they come in a pack of 8, for two panels you will need two packages. I then take the grommet template out and start at the very top of the panels, set each grommet template at each end then fold in half and make a template mark in the middle and then evenly between each end and middle grommet. Cut the circles out of your fabric and insert grommets! Walah! You've just made yourself urban drapery panels. if you have more than one window, repeat!
I love these so much that I even used one as a shower curtain! these are great inexpensive drapery panels!

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