Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fireplace Re-Do

My fireplace was white for about 12 years! I wanted a warm and worn finish so as I always do, I painted it. I started off with a charcoal acrylic paint and then dry brushed some acrylic paints to give the worn finish, the acrylic paints I used were marigold gouchi, burnt umber and slate grey. I dry brushed and rubbed with a soft cloth just so the paints melded together to give a rather Hemmingway look!!
Enjoy! Now as I look at my pictures I realize I need to do the trim around the windows as well! Oh well, time to get the old paintbrush out again!  In another blog I'll tell you how to take painters cloth and make urban window treatments, like the ones in the photo! Really inexpensive and easy, even a caveman could do it!


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